mooose described in 2 sentences

mooose is your own 24/7 online marketing assistant, which handles the personalisation, management and distribution of your on- and offline marketing material for your entire network or company. mooose can even store and manage all your digital assets and content at a central online location.

Want the specifics? This is how you use mooose as an online shop

Suppose you’re responsible for marketing a chain of shops with various branches, or a bank with nationwide offices, or a car manufacturer with dozens of dealers… To build a strong brand, it’s essential that everyone in your sales network communicates with the same corporate design.

Easily done with mooose:
– make (templates of) all your marketing material, such as leaflets, email, newsletters, brochures, DMs, POS materials, etc. available on mooose
– this material can be personalised by your local representatives – to a certain extent as specified by you.

This allows local sellers and agents to use professional, customised marketing material to communicate effectively, yet in full keeping with your corporate design. And even non-customisable marketing material can be ordered via mooose, e.g. parasols, window stickers, coffee mugs …

You determine who can view and order certain products. You also determine whether or not to charge for products. In addition, mooose keeps track of the entire order process and – if necessary – manages an accurate billing process, with invoices sent within your network or to end-users.

What happens behind the scenes?

No fooling around, but rather preparing and dispatching your online orders.

We stock all your marketing material in our pick & pack department. Thanks to a connection to our pick & pack software, the online mooose order from your sales network is received directly be this department. Our digital printing works then produces all your customised printing orders. We subsequently bundle together all the ordered items and dispatch the package to the specified address. Easy-peasy!

Other mooose trump cards

– Useful dashboard with an overview of all orders. Who has ordered what? Who’s ordered the most? Who’s ordered the least? …
mooose manager. Manage your own users & user groups, products, categories, assets, … You’re in control.
mooose media. Organise and distribute your digital assets (pictures, videos, slides, manuals)
mooose data. Easy way of sharing your product content, slogans, contact information
mooose connect. Connect mooose to your other systems, such as your ERP, CRM or PIM system. We ensure full compliance of mooose with the GDPR.

A list of all the advantages:

– Marketing budget savings
– Marketers have more time for marketing tasks and are no longer kept busy with the distribution of marketing material
– All your marketing material managed with a single tool
– Keep track of what marketing material has been released
– Clear stock overview
– Insight into distributors/partners that are doing well and those that need a bit of activation

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